Greetings! We are Antonin and Margaux, two frenchies who left their homeland about 4 years ago. We want to explore alternative ways of life. The rat race is not the only reality out there.

We are nomads

Humans are explorers, not sedentary. We have made an increasingly popular choice to live nowhere and everywhere at once. We do not have walls, no belongings, and there is no end to our travels. Home is everywhere we temporarily drop our backpacks. We are part of those who don’t need to stay, and feel the nagging desire to see what is happening everywhere. We are perpetual foreigners with just the essentials in our backpacks.

#No filter

This site is filter free. We are against the disguised lies and the photoshopped lives on social networks, for the sake of truth and out of respect for the life of others. Your lives are great, if you are not convinced, we hope, without pretension, that through this blog, we’ll show you the way to alternatives choices, and tailor made lives.

This website has been carefully designed by us, backend handcrafted by noclat with a special homemade reciepe and CSS has been butchered by myself (Anto). If you wish to have such a nice website, contact us, because that's how we earn our money, and I'm proud to say we're quite good at it.